Wrap Bracelet

• 1 pkg black, flexible clay (like Sculpey Souffle or Sculpey Bake and Bend)
• Texture of your choice (I used my own texture – available in my Etsy Store)
• Oil or Acrylic paint (I used Genesis Heat-set Oil Paint)
• Long ruler
• Sharp scalpel
• Hole punch
• 12 mm metal Snap/Push Button set

Condition black clay and roll it into a long strip. I rolled it out on a #4 setting on my Atlas Pasta machine. The strip should be about 42 cm long and approx. 40 mm wide.
Texture the strip with the texture of your choice. I used my own texture available in my Etsy Store.

With your fingertips apply white Oil or acrylic paint onto the raised areas. Cure the strip for about 30 minutes at 130°C.

Let the strip cool completely. Now color the raised areas to your liking and cure again for about 15 minutes to dry the paint.

Once the strip is cold, use the long ruler and the scalpel to trim the upper and lower edge. The strip should be about 30 mm wide after trimming.

Now cut the inner part of the strip 3 times lengthwise. The cuts should start and end about 30-40 mm before the left and right side end of the bracelet. You can do that using the ruler and the scalpel or – like me – eyeball it and cut without a ruler.

I started with the center cut that divides the 30 mm strip into two portions of 15 mm. Then I made the other two cuts in the center of those two strips. The clay is very thin, so cutting is pretty easy. Cut slowly in order to keep the cuts straight.

Now round the outer edges with a pair of scissors.

Punch a 3 mm hole into he center of the uncut portion of the bracelet. If you don’t have a hole punch you can make the hole with a small cookie cuter before the first baking.

Now put the snaps in place and press them closed with the tool that comes with the set.

Done! Now you just have to wrap the bracelet around your wrist and close the snap.

Have fun!

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© Bettina Welker, 2018

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